Causes of Implant Failure

DePuy ASR implant design flaws can lead to failure

Shortly after introduction of the DePuy ASR system in 2005, DePuy Orthopedics began to receive complaints of problems and complications with their hip replacement product.  Adverse events reported to the FDA steadily increased each year. In August 2010, the implant was finally recalled and it has been suggested that all patients who received a DePuy ASR hip implant, even if they are not experiencing problems, should be reevaluated by their surgeon.

While the cause of the DePuy ASR hip implant failures is under investigation, it is believed that a design flaw does exist. Several revisions to the product since its introduction resulted from  issues raised by surgeons using the implant.  These orthopedic surgeons have reported that the design of the implant makes it difficult to place it at the proper angle for successful long-term wear.  This improper positioning can lead to failure.

It has been reported that once the DePuy ASR hip implant begins to fail, the metal femoral head may begin to rub against the metal acetabular cup. This design flaw allows metal parts to rub against each other and may be releasing metal ions to the surrounding soft tissue, which then react with inflammation and swelling, leading to pain.  Also, these abnormally high metal ions keep the cup from securely bonding to the natural hip, leading to instability and even dislocation.

Worse yet, the tissue damage caused by metal debris can compromise the patient’s ability to successfully revise the hip with a second surgery leading to lifelong debilitation and complications.

Have You Experienced the Following Symptoms after a DePuy Hip Implant?

•    Implant Failure Requiring Revision Surgery
•    Serious or Lingering Pain
•    Swelling
•    Loosening of Implant
•    Fracture of Hip Bone
•    Dislocation of Implant

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